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Even with its presidential imprimatur, the Ad Hoc team sometimes struggled to implement the newer approach. Contractor employees, for example, balked at taking up New Relic, a software product that monitors a server or application’s performance in real time. (Previously, the engineers had to rely on human testers to tell them whether the system was running slow or working poorly). After one such encounter, Dickerson blew up. “If I hear one more person tell me we can’t use New Relic,” he announced at one meeting, “I’ll punch him in the face.”

Eventually, the outsiders won the grudging respect of the lifers, as they brought order to the site through careful monitoring, automated testing, and a collaborative, methodical, common-sense approach to bug-fixing. Though the Ad Hoc engineers didn’t exactly transform a lumbering beast into a gazelle, they successfully patched to the point where it could at least perform its mission. In April, President Obama told the nation that despite its woeful debut, ultimately was key to the government exceeding its goal as 8 million people signed up online for new health insurance policies. Few in the know could dispute a secondary outcome of the tech surge: It proved that even in complicated government projects, Silicon Valley’s agile style really worked. And it gave Todd Park a perfect opportunity to pounce.
Learning how anticipatory supply chains build sustainability.

Learning how anticipatory supply chains build sustainability.

The points above are not limited to editors. They are fundamentals of system design.
There was a time when even Microsoft recognized this, making apps that could be programmed via VisualBasic. Sadly, they concocted a security nightmare, because malware can also control your application. Which is why being able to secure your application’s scripting language is critical as w

Good article on how leadership is changing; I loathe companies who aren’t already headed in this direction. Needs right strategy to pull this new leadership together. Exact Holding product strategy needed tuning, leadership was on target.     



Three clicks instead of ten. Two steps instead of five. White space. Intuitive icons. Drag and drop. As consumer UX underwent a renaissance over the last decade, enterprise software stagnated with a design sensibility from the dial-up era.

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Yep, fully concur! Enterprise apps are targets for a massive change. Internal users and clients always compare to their consumer apps and a lot needs to be done to help them truly engage with enterprise apps!

Our early testing showed that high throughput apps are not a good choice for your first Docker deployment, due to the Docker network stack. Release 1.0 of Docker brought reliable host-based networking and that may have changed this situation–we’re investigating that now. Applications where each instance must stay up for a long time are not a good first choice, either.

How We Deploy with Docker - New Relic blog

What the New Relic SRE team found deploying docker.

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