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BlackBerry Square follows function.
Coda: Did Microsoft acquire the wrong smartphone company?



Gil Allouche:

If your company has complicated, large sets of data that it’s looking to analyze, and that data isn’t simple, structured or predictable data then SQL is not going to meet your needs. While SQL specializes in many things, large amounts of unstructured data is not one of those areas. There are other methods for gathering and analyzing your data that will be much more effective and efficient and probably cost you less too.

It fascinates me how our industry is still looking for generic blueprints for making technical decisions. Based on your own experience how many times did this work? How many times have you been able to make a decision (leading to a successful project) based on a checklist? I can understand that checklists are useful in reducing the initial search area, but the rest should always be based on a combination of experience, learning and understanding, and try-and-error. It doesn’t sound scientific, but I’d argue it’s more scientific than a generic checklist.

Original title and link: When to Use a NoSQL Database (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)

Best explanation of Joins in relational algebra:

Tesla Gigafactory announcement

Highlighting the scale of the Gigafactory if you sum up the capacity of all the lithium factories in China, Korea and around the world last year. The Tesla battery factory will be larger… And it will also generate all its own renewable power.

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