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Enterprises spend a fortune on integration, common standards can save fortune on custom development no matter how RESTful the APIs.

While consumer-focused social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed great popularity, especially amongst the youth, software for facilitating communications across an organization has not been as successful.

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Android L - Camera2 API

Mike Torres, Amazon Fire Phone, launch event!

  • More innovation on Fire phone data plan wanted
  • App developers should focus on Dynamic Perception API
  • Out of box apps games / health / medical

In addition to Mike Torres, we had an opportunity to mix and mingle with the developers and other people who build software for all Amazons devices. Mike did live demo with Q&A shared insights I haven’t seen covered by the tech press.

To wit: I recorded on raw video all except three developer community questions that I asked. Roughly Mike’s answers:

Q. What Apps would Amazon like to see developers develop for Fire?

A.  Firstly don’t be put of by compatibility with mainstream Android, we’ve done loads of work to make Fire compatible, its gonna take a day or two to make adjustments to typical Android apps. Get stuck on a technical issue and we’ve every incentive to help you remedy.

Q. What Apps are biggest opportunities for developers to write for Fire?

A. Apps using the Perception API (the four face tracking cameras)  interactive games. [I’m thinking 3DS and PSP console apps where developers can develop for Fire w/o game studio budget]

Q.  What out of the box Apps would Mike write if he was a Stanford PhD.

A.  Medical Apps, again with the Perception API. [Amazon send Leslie a Fire Phone she is absolutely the smartest developer in HCI Medical field]

Mostly, my other focus was noshing on a variety of slider type foods and enjoying a couple of Pike Kilt Lifter ales. I did play hands on with the Fire Phone scanning UPC labels, which it handled with flawless product look ups into the Fire Phone notification bus (emails, texts, searches, all show up here).

What the phone didn’t do was recognize  logo’s for example, a young lady had a Coach Handbag, the logo is uniquely recognizable to the eye. However its clear from Mike’s demo and playing with the Firefly camera scanner that Amazon is using a machine learning model to power recommender based search, thus the phone should learn. Perhaps this is an opportunity for a Startup Weekend ML apprentice learning app?

After the Q&A, Mike shared with interested folks how he went about preparing for interviews to get his job at Amazon, certainly these tips would have come in handy, I royally screwed my opportunity up. Google is your fire here! Also thanks Google for the Auto Awesome video above.

Coda: I really liked the Mayday guy demo. You can see him; he can’t see you camera privacy. Worthy review from Todd Bishop at Geekwire more innovation on data plan.