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DevArt. Art made with code. 10 finalists

DevArt. Art made with code. 10 finalists

Apr 10

Beautiful CSS tricks

Beautiful CSS tricks

Apr 09

Why Beander? Because buying green coffee sucks! -


Hi I’m Tatiana Becker, Founder and CEO of Beander. I created Beander because buying green coffee sucks. Here’s the story of why I created Beander, how it works and why I believe it can change the industry.


Coffee is my life. I’ve owned Trabant Coffee, one of Seattle’s best coffee shops, for…

Excellent startup business case bringing collaborative trading to under utilized coffee inventories. Around the dawn of this century the development costs for the site alone were often upwards of $400K. Including $100K for an Oracle database, $100 for RazorFish front end design then $200 for development work. Now with NoSQL, Paypal, and open source this is all changed. One set of costs has’t changed, people costs, unless you’re a startup and attract and assemble an awesome people team.

Apr 08

Technology’s Man Problem -


“We see these stories, ‘Why aren’t there more women in computer science and engineering?’ and there’s all these complicated answers like, ‘School advisers don’t have them take math and physics,’ and it’s probably true. But I think there’s probably a simpler reason, which is these guys are just jerks, and women know it.” - Lauren Weinstein

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