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Talking in Circles: Selective Sharing in Google+

Interesting learning Google+ is purposely designed for selective sharing whereas (according to my experiences and a discussion at GDG Seattle yesterday) Facebook is purposely designed to default to ‘open’ sharing.

So it follows, findings reported in the paper, that sharing increases when sharing is selective. Still some wrinkles though:

G+ is great for collecting followers (again confirmed at GDG) yet engagement seems to be on down spiral. Even Robert Scoble seems to not be getting G+ engagement he once was. GDG folks feel Robert’s posting more on Facebook.

Irony is, very experienced GDG people are becoming tired with Facebook’s redefining Groups, Lists and Privacy controls. Facebook places is pissing people off because its on or off, without any in between (guys want to allow their wives to check them in, but not have their “friends” check them in).

Disclosures. I’m working on selective sharing design for connected business (requiring selective sharing) to give confidence to tease out never before shared info to improve traceability and product recall.