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"Microsoft Is The Best!" — Unnamed Microsoft Employee

MG Seigler piles on “the known knowns. “We also know there are known unknowns” - Microsoft changing to cross-platform and open source support (really, Hadoop, Node.js, .NET commits). “But there are also unknown unknowns” - No Steve Jobs - Forrester: Apple is Entering a Long Decline


Earlier today, I wrote an anti-Microsoft post. Actually, it wasn’t so anti-Microsoft, I thought I was decidedly fair. My thesis was basically that Microsoft was done in the consumer space, but that they’d continue to do well as an enterprise company going forward. 

Essentially, they’d follow the IBM path. Nothing wrong with that. IBM is still a great company, they’re just different from what they once were.

For some reason though, all anyone cares about is the consumer space. And, let’s be honest, Apple now owns it. If it’s not clear to you now, it will be in a year. Or two years max. It’s just the way it is. 

In five years, Microsoft will be known as an enterprise company. That’s not controversial in my book, it’s just an observation on where things are headed.


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