"stay hungry, stay foolish"

The Gillmor Gang 11.22.11 — Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — talked SOPA, Amazon Fire, FaceBook Borging our data and not letting it out, the end of books, the beginning of iPad magazines, and why Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz, Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Comcast cares.

LONG but rather GOOD

It’s like a dream where I keep trying to figure something out and keep getting distracted by another thing I never quite figure out before….

Steve Gillmor about the distractions of Social Networks and the brute force of quality content.

(IM.Everydaypanos Top Tip: Choose one service where your content can be moved/saved. Aggregate it to all others. Short, Simple and Easy to Remember. I like it.)

Lumpy inbox vs Activity streams #GillmorGang 

Seesmic uses Silverlight for client apps and HTML5 for web apps. Loic rounds up the capabilities to plugin social streams.