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My ignite talk at #pii2013. 10 slides auto-advance every 30 seconds.

What I learned, use picture slides, avoid most text, and practise timings over and over.

It’s a great discipline to pitch VCs and Boards of directors, and the shortest path to Q & A. 

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The Risk of Posting in Social Networks


The Risk of Posting in Social Networks
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Shift mobile identity to your personal cloud (PC)



About 3 years ago, I wrote how phone numbers might be an important part of mobile identity. I started to change my mind on this last year. Now I am thinking that phone numbers may in fact much more rapidly be approaching the end of their useful life.

Why? Because of my recent experience in…

Agree. And you could argue that one of the more valueble assets being built by Appfacewitooglezon etc are their identity engines. My suspiction is that we will become much more fragmented, before centralizing - and perhaps it’s the end of idenity centralization that is most interesting. Clearly, moving from a voice centric identifier such as a phone number or SIP address to a data/web centric system is both a tremendous opportunity and wrought with privacy and all sorts of other implications.